Welcome to Al-Dhayaghem

Greetings from AL-Dhayaghem - Kuwait .
Through the website can provide a brief summary about our company, and what are the future aspirations.

Al-dhayaghem translate the message that represents the essence of all their work and Activities (the leadership of the company is not about to rise above without the help of others, and the company's employees and customers!).

The company was established 1984, this was the first company from where Al Dhayaghem Group was started and has now grown into a big organization involving many other activities.

As a general contractor, we are involved in many jobs related to supplying and contracting for oil field projects, construction & maintenance works.

The company has expanded in recent times to set up branches in Cairo and Saudi Arabia and has also sought to establish a strong partnership in the Sultanate of omen. Work with confidence toward the future, through the foundations and plans to meet the challenges of the future, and we will continue in our relentless pursuit to reach the best possible level of services, and to achieve international fame renowned, and access to the highest echelons through our strategy and the crews of our work.