Our Clients

Our clients are the starting point for us. We work in partnership with our customers to develop the company.

Our size modest enables our specialists to work closely together to develop solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs.

We offer services to the oil and gas advisory services and joint investments.

Historically, Al-Dhayaghem is well connected to its institutional investor clients.

Oil & Gas Sector

We offer subsidy to to clients in the fields of oil, such as:

National Oil Companies

We understand the strategic and operational challenges facing the national oil companies in providing high performance and boost national development. Help them achieve a balance between national goals and to achieve commercial success, and grow internationally in an increasingly competitive environment, attracting and developing the best talent.


Services and oilfield equipment

Provide our customers with a deep understanding of competitive strategies, and their needs, and opportunities for growth across the sector.


Business Technology

To help customers reduce the costs of exploration, development, production and raise productivity, we offer state-empowerment experience in technology, management and multichannel customer value, and automation, and asset utilization, and productivity management.

 We work with companies to improve information technology strategy and performance, and create value from the business transformation and information technology, and to ensure the successful implementation of capital projects, and the application of best practices in the field of global business services common.